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OXBALLS Silicone Sound Set Metal sounds are good for pros, but they require a lot of knowledge and skill. OXBALLS sounds are a huge advance in piss-hole stuffers because they are made from soft, flexible SILICONE. And not just any silicone. The purest refined grade of Japanese medical platinum heat cure silicone to be PRECISE. This means it’s gonna feel fuckin amazing EVERY time you play. The shaft of the sounds are perfectly machined and smooth, never a bubble, a nick or seam. Tiny imperfections can ruin the hot feel of stuffing your piss hole… and this will NEVER happen with OXBALLS Silicone Sounds. In addition, the design is well thought out. The curved grip-end gives you a way to hold onto the sounds and keep CONTROL even when your fingers are dripping in lube and PRECUM… try twisting and turning the sound when you play. You get 2 superior quality OXBALLS Silicone sounds for LESS than the other guys charge for ONE. This first is a SMOOTH shaft that begins very small and gradually thickens. The second on is like getting 3 sounds in ONE… three distinct sizes, one bigger than the next. Go from mild to ARRRGH as you master each one. Choose from Black or Red. Here are the dimensions of the two silicone sounds: The simple Smooth Sound grows from a modest 17mm circumference to 34mm circumference at the very “top.”