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mia a.k.a slave

It's a bit of a gag name, yet really apt. As a cube slave being of service is what I do. I'm pretty happy to help out and do some of the dirty work! I especially cherish the opportunities working here gives me to be creative, whether it's with events, styles, or graphic design. 

Northbound has become a bit of a Hogwarts to me and I adore it so. The sense of family and learning here is beyond expectation. I love the kink community as well and it has opened so many doors for me! As a rope bondage enthusiast I have had the opportunity to perform as a bottom at MBE and various events in Toronto. I'm a bit of a knowledge junkie, so don't be afraid to come out and strike up a conversation.

Those red eyes in the photo aren't from the camera glare. I'm half enza half demon.




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