Laurence Heath

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A little bit about me:

Leather “Daddy.” 

I am the store manager here at Northbound Leather. My leather /fetish retail journey started 2001.  It has been truly a life changing and inspirational journey. I have met incredible people along the way.  I recently returned to NBL after 8 years away pursuing and growing my career.  


I represented the Toronto leather community in 2008 as Mr. Leather Fellowship.  I think I was shirtless most of that year.   I had such a blast supporting the community and fundraising with my fellow titleholders.

Pinned by Sandy Mama Reinhardt “Mamma’s Canadian Heath Bar”


I enjoy helping customers new to BDSM explore their fetishes.  Having a nervous customer come into the store but later leaving informed and feeling at ease is my goal.  I would like all our customers to have a fun shopping experience.  Be it a toy or an outfit for the opera, my goal is to provide you the best experience once you walk through the door.


*Toys- Electro being high on the list.
*Sourcing new and unique products to be made available in the store.

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