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George Giaouris now has been leading the way at Northbound Leather since 1987, a company which grew out of a family leather business that dates back to 1961 in Greece. The first family leather store in Canada dates back to 1969 in Yorkville and then, in 1970, moved to Yonge Street.

The third generation of the Giaouris family is now working at the family business. George is proud to share that Northbound is the only major Canadian leather retailer that continues to manufacture all its clothing in Canada as it strongly endorses local design and manufacturing and maintains an anti-sweatshop and out-sourcing policy.

George produced his first fetish fashion show in 1979 at the St. Lawrence North Hall that attracted more than 600 people, mostly gay men. The next major party was held in 1988 in a Yorkville club called The Copa. The success of that event spawned monthly fetish parties, originally called The Betty Page Social Club, now known as "Fetish Night" that continues to this day at Goodhandy's and has become the longest running continuous club night in Canadian history, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Recently, he has launched "Fetish Friday," a new once a month party at the new Oasis Aqualounge. He has also produced and sponsored fetish events in Montreal and once ran stores in Chicago, USA as well as Vancouver and Montreal, Canada.

With customers all of over the world, George is proud to share that Northbound has donated well over a $400,000 in cash or products to various charitable organizations including Gelato Cup -Prostate Cancer Research, Book Lovers Ball (a Toronto Public Library fundraiser), Casey House AIDS Hospice, an 11-year involvement with Fashion Cares. He and his team continues to work with many community based organizations such as the Heart of the Flag Foundation, International Leather Sir/boy and International Mr. Leather.

He also has a shorter bio which he wanted to share: "…old perverted Greek guy on Yonge Street...watched them build the clock tower above the St. Charles Tavern...been there on the same block since before the term 'gay' was coined..."

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